Sep 13, 2023

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Expanding overseas has become a trend for businesses globalization. it needs to overcome various challenges for a company to successfully expand into foreign markets,with talent recruitment being the most crucial.finding professionals who meet the demands of the local market and ensuring their ability to adapt to and integrate into the company's culture and operations is a highly challenging task.


Since its establishment in 2012, CGP Group has been building a global talent network. As of 2023, CGP Group has established branches in 22 core cities across 10 countries and regions worldwide, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. CGP's cross-border recruitment services empower companies to actively explore an international talent strategy, enhance cross-cultural communication and collaboration, and continuously improve their internationalization level and competitiveness, thus achieving sustainable development and performance growth. Our goal is to connect outstanding talent with excellent companies to achieve co-creation and win-win outcomes.


Successful Case Delivery for Cross-Border Recruitment

Client Profile: A top 5 global blockchain technology conglomerate, primarily engaged in full-licensed investment banking business. It covers a wide range of fields, including but not limited to blockchain technology, finance, venture capital, investment, and marketing.

Client Demand: Expanding into international markets beyond mainland China and planning to establish points of contact and influence in over 10 countries and regions worldwide. This involves setting up local marketing, sales, and operational teams to realize their globalization strategy.

Client Pain Points: Cross-border recruitment is the most challenging aspect. There are differences in laws, regulations, market environments, and cultural backgrounds among different countries and regions. Finding talent suitable for the local market and ensuring their ability to adapt to and integrate into the company's culture and operations is our biggest challenge.

Cooperation Background: CGP has rich experience and expertise in providing customized talent recruitment solutions to help clients quickly find talent suitable for the local market. After multiple communications with INSPIRE(group brand of CGP) consulting team based in Hong Kong, the client decided to collaborate with INSPIRE to find professionals with expertise and experience, assisting the client in achieving their business goals.

Successful Jobs Delivery:

1. BD Manager - CGP helped us successfully recruit 6 professionals with extensive business development experience and familiarity with the local market in Colombia, France, the Middle East region, Nigeria, Turkey, and Brazil. The Joining of these 6 BD managers enabled rapid expansion of our business in overseas markets.

2. SEO Optimizer - To enhance our brand visibility in Portugal and Germany, we collaborated with CGP and successfully recruited 2 experts with extensive SEO optimization experience. Their joining significantly improved our website's rankings in search engines.

3. Spanish Language PR: To enhance our brand image in the Spanish market, we partnered with CGP and successfully recruited 1 professional with extensive Spanish language PR experience. Their joining facilitated better brand promotion in Spanish market.

4. MLRO Compliance Head - Lithuanian: With CGP's assistance, we successfully recruited 1 compliance head with extensive compliance management experience in the Lithuanian market. Their joining provided strong impetus to our compliance management work in Lithuanian market.

5. Local Growth Manager - Argentina: To expand our business in the Argentine market, CGP helped us find a local growth manager familiar with the local market. Their joining facilitated rapid business expansion in Argentine market.

6. Content Operation Manager - Turkey: In the Turkish market, with CGP's assistance, we successfully recruited 1 manager with extensive content operation management experience. Their joining effectively enhanced our content operation management in Turkish market.



 INSPIRE Introduction

The successful delivery case comes from the CGP group brand INSPIRE, which focuses on comprehensive human resource services in the fields of internet technology and digital transformation, banking and financial services, and provides project consulting services. With the help of INSPIRE brand's precise insight into the talent market, it will definitely help promote the integration and development of global talent resources.


Client Comments for CGP Group

"CGP helped us quickly search professionals who meet the demands of the local market and assisted us in smoothly onboarding employees.CGP successfully recruited 12 outstanding talents for us in Colombia, France, the Middle East region, Nigeria, Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, and Argentina. The joining of these outstanding talents not only strengthened our marketing and sales capabilities in the local market but also increased our brand awareness and influence. The value of CGP lies not only in talent recruitment but also in their ability to provide cross-cultural communication and collaboration. They understand the cultural backgrounds and market characteristics of different countries and regions, offering professional advice and guidance to help us better adapt and integrate into the local market. We believe that through cooperation with CGP, we will be able to quickly expand into global markets and achieve sustainable development and long-term profitability."


These successful recruitment cases demonstrate that through collaboration with CGP, we can quickly expand into global markets and achieve sustainable development and long-term profitability. If your company requires overseas expansion, please feel free to contact CGP. We gather talents worldwide to achieve mutual success and realize global strategic goals. Welcome to Contact CGP to have your corss-border talent search solution.


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