CGP Cross-border Talent Search | Leading Global Recruiting

In September 2023, we received high praise from client:“The value of CGP lies not only in talent recruitment, but also in their ability to provide cross-cultural communication and cooperation. They understand the cultural backgrounds and market characteristics of different countries and regions and can provide us with professional advice and guidance to help us better adapt and integrate into the local market. We believe that through cooperation with CGP, we will be able to quickly layout the global market and achieve sustainable development and long-term profitability. CGP helps helped us quickly find professional talents that meet the needs of the local market and helped us successfully complete the onboarding of employees. CGP successfully recruited 12 outstanding talents to join us in Colombia, France, the Middle East (the Middle East), Nigeria, Türkiye, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, and Argentina. The hiring of these outstanding talents not only enhanced our marketing and sales capabilities in the local market, but It has also increased our local awareness and influence”.