Sep 28, 2022

CGP Insight | What Happens For Digital Transformation In 2022?

Digital transformation has become the key to global industrial upgrading. Countries around the world have issued national digital strategies to accelerate the process of industrial digitization. The establishment of digital hub center has become the key to digital transformation, bringing together corresponding talents and innovation ability, accelerating the development of local ecology, and upgrading industries in finance, logistics, manufacturing and other fields, so as to enhance international competitiveness.


Digital Transformation Is the Key to Global Economic Recovery 

In 2021, the digital transformation has promoted innovation in many fields. The upgrading of technology helps the whole population to enjoy more equal services. The online digital transformation is developing towards the chain structure extension, followed by the mobile working scene, the cloud of working data, and the low code encapsulation of working process. These characteristics have become the mainstream of digital application in enterprises.

Affected by the epidemic, digital transformation has become the path for traditional industries to quickly restore production. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly embedded in multiple business functions in key business areas, which not only improves the efficiency of enterprises, but also innovates products and services. The digital model based on cloud computing is helping the workplace to meet new changes and needs.


Digital Transformation Accelerating of all Global Industries

It is predicted that the global industrial digitization process will be further deepened in 2022. In the process of digital transformation, the optimization of supply chain has become the primary concern of most enterprises in 2022. E-commerce will become an important means of digital transformation of enterprise supply chain. Through more advanced digital technology, the online and offline supply chain will be highly integrated, and the supply chain and payment will be opened to improve the operation efficiency of enterprise terminal and product structure, and realize the maximization of benefits.

Another hot spot of digital transformation is the development of private domain. The digitization of products and services has increasingly become the main direction of manufacturing enterprises to broaden their business value. Using Internet tools to create an ecosystem, so that enterprises can face consumers directly, build a private domain ecology belonging to the enterprise itself, excavate the attribute value of members, and better reach and serve consumers has become the focus of all enterprises.


Data processing and analysis skills development is the key to relieve talents shortage

It can be predicted that for a long time in the future, all industries need a large number of digital transformation talents. the trend of digital leadership in e-commerce, finance and other industries is obvious. To complete the iteration of modernization and connectivity within the manufacturing industry, the iteration waves of 5G, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are eyebrows.


According to CGP Group marketing insights  “digital transformation is not just a one-way technical transformation. Fundamentally, it is actually a special project for innovative talents of an enterprise. The core essential factor of digital talents is in fact the integration of multiple fields and the application of multiple disciplines. When enterprises carry out talent recruitment, they should combine their own conditions to open up internal training and promotion channels and improve the existing employees to start digital transformation before enterprises. For talents, the skills with the direction of digital transformation will greatly improve the competitiveness of the talent market”.


For all enterprises, solving the gap of digital transformation talents will be a huge challenge. As a key factor in the process of enterprise digital transformation, digital talents have a crucial impact on enterprise transformation. The pace of enterprise digital transformation will be further accelerated. Breaking through the inherent barriers of thinking, transformation is by no means the application of new tools or new skills that are seen on the surface. The essence of all this is actually a transformation for itself, which is true for enterprises or individuals.