Jan 03, 2023

CGP Awards"The Most Attractive Employer"

In January 2023, CGP Group was successfully selected on the list of favorite employers of Intern Monks in 2022. With a perfect vocational training growth system and a standardized career development plan, CGP Group stood out with strong attraction to young talents.


The selection of "The Most Attractive Employers" relies on online platform data and research to provide young people with a list of high-quality employers, create a more convenient and effective job search path, and further promote two-way plateform between high-quality enterprises and job seekers. Driven by the core concept of favorite employers , we will explore and focus on more benchmark enterprises with "employer brand building and recruitment strength".


The certification standards of this award cover the following six dimensions: the most innovative, the most warm, the most socially responsible, the most diverse and inclusive, the most empowering, and the most active. Being included in the list means that the award-winning enterprise is an all-round hexagon employer, which also confirms that the enterprise will be seen eventually if it makes unremitting efforts to build the employer brand.