Feb 10, 2023

CGP Awards | The Best Partner for Beijing Universal Studios

Beijing Universal Resort opened in 2021, is the fifth Universal Studios theme park in the world. which covers a total area of more than 4 square kilometers, includes seven theme scenic spots, 37 ride entertainment facilities and landmark scenic spots, 24 entertainment performances, 80 restaurants and 30 retail stores, this international theme park has rapidly become the new landmark of Beijing's tourism list, attracting the attention of people from all over the world.

Recruitment strategic partner to build talent pool from 0 to 1

As early as 2016, CGP Group was lucky to reach out Universal Studios, opening the first step of close cooperation. At that time, Universal Studios was still a wholly foreign-owned representative office in China. and was preparing for the establishment of a joint venture between China and the United States to carry out various preparatory work and promote the landing and opening of the park.CGP became the talent strategic partner of Universal Studios Beijing and undertook talent search and recruitment task from 0 to 1. The employees of Universal Studios Beijing Theme Park are divided into front and back. The front field refers to the front-line personnel in the park, while the back field belongs to management or technical talents, and generally does not directly face tourists. It is reported that Universal Studios Beijing has about 15000 initial jobs, 20% of which are backcourt employees. To ensure that Universal Studios can truly adapt to the soil of China, CGP has completed the talent mapping of all well-known theme park benchmarking companies and foreign-funded engineering management companies in China, led the search and headhunting of backstage management and technical talents in the whole process, and fully realized the employment needs of Universal Studios.


Candidates’ retention rate 90%+

By February 2023, CGP has accumulated nearly 100 core executives, middle and senior managers and experts for Universal Studios, whose job functions cover design, electromechanical, cost, civil engineering, EHS (health, safety, and environment), planning, document control, procurement, art production, Ride Show, translation, etc. They have become the backbone of Universal Studios Beijing talent pool, leading Universal Studios to better and faster development.


Recruiting excellent talents is only the first step. How to retain talents is also an important talent strategy that enterprises need to continue to think about. After the candidates are employed, CGP's consultant team also keeps close communication and contact with customers and candidates in a timely manner. Effective consulting solutions have also been provided for various problems in the process of talent adaptation. The retention rate of talents recruited by CGP for Universal Studios is as high as 90%. No matter what kind of talent needs, employment difficulties, and employment difficulties customers have, CGP's professional consultants can always find ways to become trustworthy partners for clients.



Create brilliant future together

CGP Group was awarded the Best Partner of Universal Beijing Theme Park and Resort and was invited to Beijing to discuss the progress of the project. Continue to provide talent strategy consulting services. As one of the closest partners of Universal Studios in Beijing, CGP Group has the honor to witness its gradual growth into a super big IP in China over the past five years. In return, CGP employees was invited to be the first group of tourists to visit the park.