Feb 13, 2023

CGP Insight | ChatGPT swept the world, how far is AI replacing human labor?

Since February 2023, ChatGPT has occupied the headlines of all major media and set off a big wave in the Internet technology industry. GPT is the abbreviation for "Generative Pre-training Transformation” in English. ChatGPT is an AI technology-driven natural language processing tool launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It can conduct dialogue by learning and understanding human language, interact according to the context of chat, chat and communicate like humans, and even complete tasks such as writing email, video script, copywriting, translation, code, and writing papers.


In the process of global economic development, the Internet has created numerous economic legends, and is also known as the industry that can create the most wealth. After 20 years of crazy growth, the feast of the Internet is approaching the end. The drying up of traffic growth, the change of consumer habits and the global anti-monopoly of platform economy indicate the end of the era of rapid expansion of the Internet. The end of one era also indicates the rise of another era, and AI will become the unicorn of the new era.

AI Transformation of Internet Industry

From the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, the global Internet giants frequently experienced "layoffs". The technological talents who were once regarded as "hot cakes" are facing the dilemma of unemployment or income reduction. The Internet industry, which is figuratively likened to "dancing with shackles", is affected by the global anti-monopoly background, and the domestic regulatory policy tends to be strict, which to some extent affects the capital of risk aversion in the market, resulting in the financing of Internet enterprises being blocked and development restricted.


Strict policy control has made "fair competition" and "information sharing" the main theme of the industry. Platforms should compete fairly and not abuse their market position. The latter means that platforms should not build "information barriers" between platforms and allow users to share information across platforms. While adapting to the changes in the market, traditional Internet enterprises are urgently seeking new ways to realize their cash, and more emerging technologies are being applied to the Internet industry.


The pace of technological innovation promotes the diversified development of the Internet industry. To gain a foothold in the market, major enterprises must use emerging technologies to maintain competitiveness and create differentiated products. Under the background of the trend of rapid change and integrated development of emerging technologies, it will have a positive and profound impact on future development.



Traditional Internet Talents Incline to AI Field

Although the impact of the epidemic on the Internet industry is weak, enterprises will pay more attention to the exploration of individual value in terms of talents. CGP Group's market insight shows that: "The flexibility of the Internet industry is reflected in all aspects. It is expected that in 2023, the restructuring of Internet enterprises and the flow of talent will be further increased, and the market demand for high-end talents and AI related positions will be further expanded. For talents, there will be more opportunities to choose fields that can realize self-value, deepen and improve, and maintain the same development concept as enterprises, so that talents can get better more new job opportunities. "

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