Dec 09, 2021

CGP Group Awards | TOP 5 Most Trustworthy Hunting Companies

Recently, Maimai 2021 MAX Multi-dimensional Employer Selection List was announced, and CGP Group was shortlisted as the TOP 5 most trustworthy hunting companies in Maimai’s list of Multi-dimensional Employers Worth Joining, which once again proves the influence of CGP in the hearts of professionals.

This year's Maimai Employer Selection has undergone a new upgrade, breaking the past tradition of "one list determines winners and losers", adding a list of Multi-dimensional Employers Worth Joining, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the cases submitted by companies from four dimensions: region, industry, employer brand and personal micro-perspective. Comprehensive evaluation of 110 million workplaces with multi-dimensional and diverse high-quality companies also gives top companies such as CGP the opportunity to make an appearance, and realize the two-way empowerment of "job hunting" and "recruitment".

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