Jan 10, 2023

New Brand Launch-CGP USS

CGP started to provide staffing services since 2017 to comprehensively satisfy enterprises’ diversified workforce and business development demands. CGP USS provides one-stop staffing services to help enterprises improve organizational flexibility and risks in response to personnel needs brought about by talent shortages in peak recruitment seasons, new projects, short-term replacement of employees, and headcount constraint.


Your Challenge

Talent employment model in urgent need of diversification.

Difficult to guarantee the quality of recruitment and management in different scenarios.

High labor cost and management risk.


One-Stop Services From Recruitment To Management


Candidate search, selection and recommendation, interview arrangement, special interview session, salary negotiation, offer issuance.


Staff Daily Management

Signing and management of labor contracts, salary and social security payment,

daily work and attendance management, employee relationship management, performance communication, etc.


Workforce Risk Management

Employee replacement, position fill, employee’s pregnancy, perinatal and lactation period , workplace injury declaration


Project Operation Management

KPI setting and management, performance communication


Industries & Positions

CGP Flexible Staffing Service covers major industries and positions ranging from interns, part-time workers, front-line employees to senior experts.

  1.      Human Resource
  2.      Information Technology
  3.      Life Science and Pharmacy
  4.      Sales and Marketing
  5.      Real Estate
  6.      Industrial Technology
  7.      Financial Services
  8.      Legal Compliance
  9.      Procurement Supply Chain
  10.      Others


Flexible Staffing Service Value | Your Benefits

  • Enhance organizational resilience and flexibility
  • Break through headcount & compensation constraints
  • Flexible talent pool solutions
  • Accelerate business development, facilitate fast onboarding
  • Reduce workforce risks
  • Timely interpretation of the latest relevant policies


CGP USS Advantages

Rich experience and extensive network

Implement compliant methods to reduce risk

Guaranteed recruitment quality and delivery

Excellent customer service system

Staff management and integrated logistic support

Technology empowerment improves efficiency


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