Oct 13, 2022

CGP Insight | Talents Trends In Manufacturing Industry

In the post-epidemic era, the trend of manufacturing automation is becoming more and more obvious. With the advancement of rework and reproduction, the automation industry has shown a rapid growth momentum. Under the premise of the global economic recession, the liquidity policies of various countries have been relaxed. Among them, China, as the core of the global manufacturing industry, the proportion of supply is greatly increasing. Under the influence of the global epidemic, manufacturing enterprises have a stronger vision for mechanical automation.

With the gradual recovery of the global market, a new round of manufacturing upgrading is coming, the proportion of high-end integrated products is increasing, and the proportion of automatic transformation of production lines is also increasing. Taking the domestic market as an example, China ' s economy is stepping into the stock era from the incremental era, and the upgrading of manufacturing industry will continue.



Manufacturing Enterprises Seek For Automation Transformation

In 2021, the upgrading of manufacturing industry led to the increase of equipment investment, and the products tend to be more advanced and integrated. At the same time, driven by the trend of global manufacturing transfer and lower cost, the domestic machinery and automation industry is facing the historical window of upgrading, and the traditional industry is facing the challenge of automation upgrading.


With the fast pace of domestic remanufacturing leading the international market, the domestic supply chain recovers in advance, and the security of supply chain is superimposed with technological progress, which leads to the acceleration of import substitution of the entire manufacturing industry.


In the post-epidemic era, machine replacement accelerated, and the market size reached 100 billion level. High-quality brands in the domestic market rose rapidly. High-end manufacturing applications broke through the continuous expansion of the incremental market. At the same time, the global economy recovered, and the export market was expected to further expand.



Science and Technology Makes Manufacturing Industry Upgrade

Entering the era of Industry 4.0, industrial automation and digital technology are considered as the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing industry, and machinery is the largest and most important plate in the middle reaches of the manufacturing industry, which has a direct relationship with the prosperity and demand of the downstream industry.


In 2022, the diversification and customization degree of terminal consumers's demand for products will continue to increase, and the production links, process difficulties and manufacturing levels will increase accordingly. Manufacturing manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for product quality, efficiency, accuracy and cost. The error and safety risk of traditional manual operation lead to strong demand for automated production by manufacturing manufacturers.


With the promotion and popularization of 5G technology, a new round of scientific and technological dividends will be released. With the intensification of the global wave of core shortage, the domestic semiconductor ecological enterprises with independent intellectual property rights will further expand, the process technology will continue to improve, and the process of equipment localization will continue. The combination of multiple science and technology industries helps the manufacturing industry to complete automatic upgrading.



High Requirements for the Learning Adaptability of Talents

With the upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, the proportion of industrial automation is increasing, and more and more high-end and professional jobs will be born. The demand for talents in the industry will also be higher and higher. With the popularization of automation technologies such as robots, positions and figures of talents will also change.


CGP Group's marketing insight:"The upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry makes the automation level of manufacturing enterprises higher and higher, and the corresponding demand for talents will also be higher and higher. Talents should enhance the attention of emerging manufacturing technology, improve the knowledge reserves in the field of automation and intelligence, smoothly transition, and stabilize industrial competitiveness".


With the deepening of automation process, the gap between talents and employers will become larger and larger. New positions and tasks  are being challenged, and the skill gap will also increase  strong wages and benefits. For talents, this is both an opportunity and challenge.

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