Dec 07, 2020

CGP Group Awards | Shanghai Human Resource Service "Bo le" of 2020

On December 4th, 2020, China Human Resources Service Industrial Park Summit and a series of activities for the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Human Resources Service Industrial Park were recently held in Shanghai Jing'an International Conference Center. The "Bole" Award Ceremony, which has attracted much attention in the industry, was also held on the same day. CGP Group was invited to the summit, and won the 2020 Shanghai Human Resource Service "Bole" Award.

Alfred Chu,Co-Founder of CGP went on stage to receive the award

The Shanghai Human Resource Service "Bole" Award, hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, aims to reward the human resources service providers that introduce outstanding talents from outside Shanghai for the local employers. In the course of ten years of development, CGP Group has actively participated in Shanghai's talent development strategy, built overseas-oriented talent introduction projects, helped Chinese enterprises to go out and explore overseas markets, and brought in high-level and key talents. With its outstanding contribution to the introduction of talents, CGP Group won the 2020 Shanghai Human Resources Service "Bole" Award.

That night, the park also held the enterprises co-construction event "Suzhou River Night - Tribute to the 10th Anniversary of Shanghai Human Resources Service Industrial Park". The event not only reviewed the development history of the past ten years, demonstrating the unique industrial ecological advantages and innovative vitality of the park, but also commended businesses and individuals who undertake social responsibilities, promote employment, and contribute to regional economic and social development during the industrial park’s 10-year development process.

Looking back on 2020, CGP Group has actively participated in the construction of Shanghai's human resources industry, continuously contributed to the development of the park, and won many awards. In addition to winning the "Bole" Award, CGP Group has been named as "Excellent Enterprise in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employment Promotion", and was among the first batch of companies being selected as "Global Service Providers" in Jing'an District.

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