Sep 13, 2022

CGP Recruitment Tips

Do something to ensure you get 5% better every day. Then get 5% better again. The rewards will stun you – in a good way.

1. "Has there been any change since our last conversation?" Ask this question every time you talk to a customer or candidate. (it shows that you are actively recruiting or recommending suitable positions for them) ask every time, even if you talked to them last night.


2. Try to understand the motivation of the candidate. Just because candidates say they are ready for a new job, don't be 100% confident that they are ready. Your job is to try to find the truest answer!


5. Learn to approach potential candidates. You should stress your credibility firstly. This is what they value. Then have a career discussion. Use your insight to provide candidates with valuable trends of development and analysis pros and cons for different career choices.


8. Determine the priority of daily work. Not all jobs are equal. Don't spend the same time on all the work.


9. As recruitment becomes more and more "remote", your participation needs to be higher and higher. Study deeply and ask better questions; Listen more and seek understanding. Always consider the real motives of all parties. Where appropriate and possible, talk to people by phone, video or in person.


10. Change your definition of "good clients". Usually, this is not the big enterprise group that people yearned for many years ago. Small companies are sometimes more agile, coordinated, and closer to employees. They try harder to understand the "push" and "pull" factors of candidates. People's values have changed. Their priorities have been readjusted. They have more choices than ever before. Candidates seek something different. The definition of a good customer is to strive to attract and hire excellent talents.