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The CGP Aerospace team is responsible for the aerospace, aviation and defence executive search across Asia Pacific.Using our vast experience within the industry, we have successfully helped several firms to set up their operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Our team values cross-border cooperation and can bring resources from different countries, functions, and industries to meet the customers’ needs. We regularly share industry knowledge, recent developments and marketing tips with customers.







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Kent Yar

Director of Aviation & Aerospace

With superior business and market acumen, Kent Yar provides deep insights and advice to leaders in the industry. His views on the Asia-Pacific aerospace industry talents at the Singapore Aviation Industry Association were cited by Singapore's mainstream media 'Strait Times'. Currently, Kent Yar is mainly based in Singapore and does frequent business travel in the Asia Pacific region. He has accumulated deep working experience in the industry and successfully helped some companies start operations in the Asia Pacific region. As a representative of the industry, he has established a stable and lasting relationship with some of the world's most important aerospace industry CEOs and directors.

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